Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hill Conquer Race 2D Game Live on iOS and Android

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Hill Conquer Race 2D for iOS

Hill Conquer Race 2D for Android 


Up for a hilly adventure? then go no further and start your engines in the hill conquer race 2d. This simple to play and extremely fun game features enjoyable physics simulation.

The game offer multiple cars to choose from and each car has its own unique abilities. All these unlock able vehicles can be used in various playable environments. Some cars might be suitable for only few of the environments.

Safety of the driver comes first so we have decided to keep the roof of the vehicles instead of making them convertible, But to make this interesting we have added explosive bomb with the car antenna.
So while you drive, be careful not to let the aerial antenna touch the ground or your driver would be flying high in the sky.

The game offers many environments to explore including the mountain ranges, green hilly landscapes, huge deserts, sewers etc.

You can unlock vehicles by earning coins within the game. For some environments, you might want to try different vehicles to see which one takes you far.

The game offers simple on-screen controls which are easy to understand. Keep an eye on the fuel because if you ran out of fuel in the middle of the desert, well then you will be found by the archaeologists looking for ancient remains.
Put on your seatbelt and enjoy this simple and fun game.

Note : This game offers in-game ads for magnetizations and offering rewards to the player. You can stop seeing ads by making an in-app purchase. Any data collected within the game is only used to offer better ads and is not used in any other way.

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