Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Car Parking Free November Update

Title           :   Car Parking Free
Category    :   Simulation 
Price          :   Free
Platform    :   Android
Developer :   BringItOnGames

Download Link : Car Parking Free (Android) (Version 10)

Description :

The new November update includes following changes :-

- New playable Vehicle ( Ford F-150 Truck )
- 10 new playable Levels for Ford F-150 (Level 81 - Level 90)
- A completely new map zone ( Dry Dock Shipment Containers )
- A new Game mode ( Free Mode)
          - Free Mode can now be selected after choosing any vehicle you like.  In this mode you can drive freely anywhere you like and explore the whole city and its stunt zones. The Free mode is unlocked and can be played with all the vehicles from the very start of the game.

Screenshot :

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Brainiac Sliding Puzzle (A Puzzle Game)

Brainiac Sliding Puzzle (Android) (Google Playstore)

Title          : Brainiac Sliding Puzzle
Category   : Puzzle & Casual & Family & Educational
Price         : Free
Platform    : Android
Publishers : BringItOnGames (BIOG)

Download Link : Brainiac Sliding Puzzle (PlayStore) 

Screenshots for Brainiac Sliding Puzzle :

Description : 
Sliding puzzle games is a category of puzzle games. Some say that playing puzzles increases your ability to focus on something, your attention and your problem solving capabilities. Some others also say that its just a game so just have fun. well i'm one of them.
Brainiac sliding puzzle is a game which presents you with multiple options of puzzles that you have to solve using your cool math and intuition. The game presents images sliced into multiple dimensions which increase the difficulty and fun of the puzzle.
The game play is extremely simple as you just have to click the tile adjacent to the empty space to move it there. Its a casual single touch game without any time limit so you can enjoy it and relax at the same time.
The game provides you with almost 20 different paintings and images of objects like cars, bikes, or games which you can select as the image that will be sliced.
To increase and decrease the difficulty of the challenging puzzle, counting numbers are presented on each piece of the puzzle so that you know where does a certain piece goes. You can turn it off with an eye icon on top left of the screen. You can also have a view of the complete image for a while if you cant seem to understand where does a certain piece goes.
In order to test your skills you can play the game with the counting number off. it will increase the difficulty of the game. your target is to solve all the puzzle and chase the high score of other people.
So enjoy the game and let us know what do you think about it. Yolo!
Note : This game uses google analytics to gather information regarding your game play in order to enhance the user experience.

Opening game music by Freesfx.co.uk

"Snow Music" By www.dl-sounds.com
"Canyon Sunrise" by Eric Matyas

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Brainiac Memory Match (Puzzle Game)

Brainiac Memory Match (Android) (Google Playstore)

Title          : Brainiac Memory Match
Category   : Puzzle & Casual & Family & Educational
Price         :  Free
Platform    : Android
Publishers : BringItOnGames (BIOG)

Download Link : Brainiac Memory Match (PlayStore) 

Screenshots for Brainiac Memory Match :

Description : 

Brainiac Memory match is a vast category of puzzle games. Brainiac memory match is a pair up game which also falls in the category of memory matching games. 

Brainiac memory match is simple yet extremely challenging and enjoyable game featuring a lot of objects to discover as you progress through the puzzles.

The offers five different type of object categories which reveal themselves as you complete levels. The categories include :
- Christmas Objects
- Kids Toys
- Maths Symbols
- Counting Numbers
- Sports Symbols

A total of 250 different objects and symbols are currently present in the game.

Brainiac memory match also offers 4 different types of game play types which include:
- Arcade Mode
- Time Trial Mode
- Moves Limit Mode
- Leader Board Challenge

Each of these game modes (excluding Leader Board challenge) includes 50 different levels each to be played. each level is unlocked as you complete the previous level.

The arcade mode offers a game play without any time limit of moves limit. It also stores you last best score in that level that you can share to your friends and family or the whole world through any of your preferred social media network.

The time trial mode offers 50 levels in which you have to complete a level within the given time.

The Moves limit mode offers many levels in which you have to complete the level within the number of moves allowed in that level.

The Leader Board Challenge mode offers a grid of 25 X 25 which you have to complete and its score will be shared through in game google play services leader board to all the players playing the game. This is a challenge mode which provides with a sense of challenge against the rest of the players.  

The game play is fairly simple as you get a number of flipped cards according the level. Each cards has an object on the other side of the card which is chosen from one of the five categories written above. When you click on the card the card flips and shows you the shape. Then you have to find the same object which is also hidden in one of the other cards.
Each object has 1 pair in the complete level so you will only find 2 of the same cars even if you are at level 50 where you get a 100 cards to reveal.

The game presents an easy to play and hard to master type fun. Kids can also learn a lot from the objects hidden behind the cards as they include lots of daily life objects which are seen on Christmas or are one of the kids toys.
Kids can also get a stronger grip on counting numbers by revealing and matching them.

The game also offers in-app purchase to play the game without being disturbed by the ads.
There are multiple achievements to be unlocked as you play the game.

Brainiac memory match is a colorful and cool way of spending time while challenging your brain to remember the things you see and also a good way for the kids to learn about the different things in the world.

Hope you enjoy the game. The further updates of the game will include more real life objects for learning such as means of transports in the world etc. Yolo!!


Opening game music by Freesfx.co.uk

"Snow Music" By www.dl-sounds.com
"Canyon Sunrise" by Eric Matyas

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Counter Zombie Strike Force is now live on Playstore for Android..

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