Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Zombie Hunter Aim Desert Town Game Live on iOS and Android

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Zombie Hunter Aim Desert Town for iOS

Zombie Hunter Aim Desert Town for Android


A land where humans have been infected, some left to die others are turned into zombies. As a hunter your duty is to evacuate the civilians out of the zombie range and kill any target which comes in between.
But be warned, zombies come in different types:
• walkers: they walk their way to any human and attack
• crawlers: they would crawl miles to get to a target and once in reach they reap your soul and get their energy to stand
• runners: they are the fastest of the breed, run fast and don’t miss 
Your mission as a sniper is to hunt them down before they hunt you and take over what is left of this planet. Zombies come in day as well as night. You better prepare yourself to hunt them down from dawn to dusk from town to town, until the world is back as it was. 

Zombie Hunter attack on desert town is an exciting yet challenging game. As you proceed into the game, you will have to equip yourself with new stronger weapons so be ready to face it. The game has easy to use controls and stimulating game play.

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