Sunday, 30 October 2016

Highway Rage Rider live on iOS and Android

Name       : Highway Rage Rider
Price        : Free
Publisher : BringItOnGames

Platforms : iOS & Android

Download Links:

PlayStore : Highway Rage Rider (Android)
AppStore : Highway Rage Rider (iOS)

GamePlay video : 

Screenshots : 

Description : 
Ride the super bike through the heavy traffic while maintaining your speed to score big. There 5 different super bikes that you can try. unlock those bikes by collecting coins on the road as you ride through the traffic.
The Halloween is here and it brings pumpkins filled with rage scattered all over the highway. collect 10 rage pumpkins to transform into a raging pumpkin head rider. You can stay transformed longer if you keep collecting the pumpkins on your way.
As long as the rage mode is activated, you are invincible. But be careful not to hit anything while you are in normal mode or you will be sent flying above the vehicles onto the highway.
The ragdoll physics is implemented in the character to give you a realistic feel of getting thrown off the bike.
do not forget to login to the play services to share your score with your friends.
- 3D beautiful Graphics
- Realistic bike physics
- Realistic ragdoll human physics
- Rage mode with flaming bike
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