Friday, 15 May 2015

Modern Space Galaxy Defender (Android)

Game Title Android : Modern Space Galaxy Defender

Category     : Arcade & Action
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android

Download Link : Modern Space Galaxy Defender (Android)

Game Play Video :

Screenshots :

Description :  

The science has advanced to a point where we are no longer contained only to the planet earth. We have traveled distances in the outer spaced and have seen many more planets which lead us to believe that we are not alone. We now have reach to every planet in our galaxy. Which also increased the danger of being attacked by creatures which we don't know are peaceful or hunting for soil full of natural resources. 

Today that though has become a fact when we got attacked by another life form. And not only just one, our galaxy is under attack by the planets and species of another galaxy. They have sent their diseases and viruses like Ebola to weaken us and attacked when we were unprepared. Now it is up to you as a pilot of one the spaceships, to battle the aliens, their minions and mother ships in the open space filled with meteors and falling debris and defend our galaxy from this threat and become the guardian of the galaxy. They will target you with their laser weapons and space mines, so be careful as you clash and smash and chase the aliens back to their galaxy.
Modern space galaxy defender is a 2D game with dazzling 2D graphics featured in the open space. The player can control his spaceship by using touch controls. The spaceship will follow where ever you place your finger on the screen. Your spaceship will automatically detect the nearest enemy and fire at it. The fire rate changes as you pickup upgrades for fire power and in some modes, will be upgraded automatically. 

Modern space galaxy defender features many different types of enemies which use different methods such as melee attack or laser fires or mines to attack the player's spaceship. 
Each enemy you destroy will give you points and will drop small amount of health refill which you can pickup to restore your energy. 
Your spaceship is protected by a forcefield. This shield will protect you against the enemy laser attacks to a certain point. When the shield energy is low you will get damaged by the laser attacks. shield will automatically refill if you don't receive any damage for a short period of time.
The shied however will not protect you from melee attack from ships or meteors.
Upgrades will spawn time to time which you can pickup to refill your health or reduce the damage received from collisions.

The upgrades include :
Melee defense
Void bomb (a blackhole that sucks enemies to death)
Explosion bomb
Cloak mode (ghost)
Weapon Upgrade
Time Warp (Slow motion)
Speed (increase spaceship's speed)

All modes have different upgrades to offer according to the situation.
So lets get started. Get into the battlefield and smash all the aliens and blow them to smithereens. Drive them all to extinction.

Cricket Jump (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Cricket Jump

Game Title iOS : Cricket Jump

Category     : Arcade & Casual
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Cricket Jump (Android)

Download Link : Cricket Jump (iOS)


Description :

Story : This young little cricket("insect") loves to watch Cricket("game") matches but since he is too small he cannot get to watch it from inside the stadium without getting squashed under the feet of all the crowd. So he is now going to try and climb a tall tree so that he can watch the match from outside the stadium and enjoy the world cup.

Cricket Jump is a simple game in which you have to tap the screen to get the bug jump on the tree branches and get as high as possible before the time runs out. Every time you climb a branch, time is added to the timer allowing you to play for a bit longer. The faster you climb the more time you have. But be careful not to jump on the bad branches with spikes on them. They are hardly visible but they are deadly. You can share your score with your friends and compare it in the leader board and try to unlock all the achievements. There are 2 leader boards naming Score("points") and Out("death count").

- Beautiful 2D Graphics
- Single Touch Controls
- Intuitive and easy game play
- Achievements and leader board
- Screenshot sharing on social network
- Awesome 8 bit Music by Erick Skiff

Modern Battle Tank War (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Modern Battle Tank War

Game Title iOS : Modern Battle Tank War

Category     : Arcade & Action
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Modern Battle Tank War (Android)

Download Link : Modern Battle Tank War (iOS)

Game Play Video :

Screenshots :


Super amazing tank shooting game on Android!
Just drive your tank to penetrate the rival base and kill required amount of rivals! 
Two exciting modes for you to play-
Mission & Survival!
The delicate 3D scenes and new tech applications make gorgeous visual effect of this game—
Just be astonished by the lifelike tanks and powerful special effects!
Your blood will be burning in the flying bomb rain!
Come on and have a try!
★★★★★various lifelike tank models
★★★★★delicate graphics
★★★★★powerful BGM
★★★★★multi battle modes

Winter Christmas Bubble Shoot (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Winter Christmas Bubble Shoot

Game Title iOS : Amazing Bubble Ball Shoot : Top Free Addictive Puzzle Game

Category     : Arcade & Casual
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Winter Christmas Bubble Shoot (Android)

Download Link : Amazing Bubble Ball Shoot : Top Free Addictive Puzzle Game (iOS)

Screenshots :

Description :

Are you ready to relive your games childhood ?
Amazing Shoot Bubble Go is an arcade game from late 90s. It is now available to your modern cell phone to enjoy your childhood game on the go.
simple 1 touch controls with awesome graphics. try to match 3 bubbles of the same color to destroy them. 
Be careful though! you have a time limit in which you have to destroy all the bubbles or the ceiling will fall down and you will lose. 
The ceiling keeps moving one step at a time as you shoot bubbles. it moves down more often as you progress through the levels. This will give you the ultimate challenge and make you run away from it. But you can retry as many times as you like. Don't try to finish level like a bunny.

The game features :
- Intuitive one touch controls
- Awesome and colorful graphics
- Over 1500 unique level
So get started on exploring your childhood game.

Update - :
As the winters is here and the Christmas is upon us, the environment of the game is changed and it has started snowing inside the game as well. Now you can play this game while waiting for the Christmas watching snow fall.

Updated Features:

- Beautiful night scenery with Christmas Tree and snow everywhere
So enjoy the winters. And a happy new year...

Tappy Racer (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Tappy Racer

Game Title iOS : Tappy Racer

Category     : Arcade & Casual
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Tappy Racer (Android)

Download Link : Tappy Racer (iOS)

Screenshots :


Tappy Racer is an extremely addictive and easy to understand game.
Game presents beautiful 2D graphics and one touch controls. 
You can touch the screen to change the lane and overtake the traffic. You can choose to drive from 9 different cars.
Cars will be unlocked as you score higher. All the cars will be unlocked if you score above 50.
Retry as many times as you like and try to get higher score.
You can share you score with your friends on google+.

★ 1 Touch controls
★ Beautiful 2D graphics
★ 9 different cars to choose
★ music and sound fx
★ A beautiful traffic race to enjoy
drive you way through the traffic and become the top traffic racer.

3D Parking Bus Simulation (Android)

Game Title Android : 3D Parking Bus Simulation

Category     : Simulation
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : 3D Parking Bus Simulation (Android)

Screenshot :

Description :  

Ever thought of driving a school bus or passenger bus just for fun which most of people don't get to ?
if you would love to do it then here is your chance to try it out and while your at it, test your driving skills.

Complete the challenging tasks and show how good you are when it comes to driving and controlling large vehicles.

Game features a passenger bus with extremely realistic driving physics.
Your target is to drive through the designed path and park your bus at the destination without hitting anything on your way. Try not to sprint like cars or you might not be able to stop it in time.

3D Parking Bus Simulation by BringItOn Games (BIOG) offers,
- Challenging Game play
- Realistic physics
- Awesome 3D Graphics
- 28 unique levels
- 3 different Camera angles
- 3 different Control types
- Dynamic shadows
So get on your bus and start driving....

Car Parking Free (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Car Parking Free

Game Title iOS : Car Parking free - Limo Bus Driving Simulator

Category     : Puzzle & Simulation
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Car Parking Free (Android)

Download Link : Car Parking free - Limo Bus Driving Simulator (iOS)

Game Play Video :

Screenshots :

Description : 

The games offer 3 drive able vehicles including a limo and a passenger bus. All three give you the best driving experience through smooth and easy to use controls. The game presents the same parking challenge that most of people face every day with the increasing number of cars. Test your driving skill by completing 40 different levels. Your target is to get 3 stars in each level.

Game Play :
Park your car while going through all the checkpoints, on the location pointed by 3D arrow visible on top of the vehicle. Use steering wheel to turn. Use the race and brake pedals to move or stop. Toggle between drive and reverse gear using gear button on the right of screen. A camera button is given to toggle between cameras.

Features :
Beautiful graphics
3 different quality settings to allow best performance on all devices.
Realistic physics simulation
3 different background music

So get ready to chase the clock while you sprint through the traffic cars. yolo!

Biker Dude Road Riders (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Biker Dude Road Riders

Game Title iOS : Biker Dude Road Riders : A Motorcycle Racing Game

Category     : Action & Simulation
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Biker Dude Road Riders (Android)

Download Link : Biker Dude Road Riders : A Motorcycle Racing Game (iOS)

Screenshots :

Description :

Now who doesn't like to ride a chopper motorbike...!
Note : Do not forget to set your Graphics Settings in Main Menu.
Get ready to ride a heavy bike on high speed while racing your way through the heavy traffic. Be careful not to hit the traffic or the side concrete barriers or at such a high speed your will be thrown off the bike flying high in the sky like a flightless bird. The game features in Venice highway where you are just enjoying your day by driving on a high speed.
The games offers beautiful graphics and awesome handling.
your target is to drive as far as you can avoiding the traffic cars.
Put your motorcycle riding skills to a test.
share your score with your friends.

Update :-
New environments added.
Desert sunset
Highway on the green belt in the wild
Highway on the endless sea.

4x4 Desert Safari Attack (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : 4x4 Desert Safari Attack

Game Title iOS : 4x4 Desert Safari Attack

Category     : Action & Simulation
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : 4x4 Desert Safari Attack (Android)

Download Link : 4x4 Desert Safari Attack (iOS)



4x4 Desert Safari Attack is an off road jeep simulator featuring Gatling gun mounted on a hummer vehicle. You target is to chase down bandits and rebels causing trouble in the desert and forcing people to run away from their safari trip.

Drive your vehicle and destroy all the targeted cars in each level. Some cars will sprint away from you as you try to get close to them and some of them will come straight towards you and hit directly into your car.

Put your drifting skills to the test by trying to drift in the sand and hit the enemy cars from the side to flip them and cease their movements.
you can play with 3 different control types and 3 different camera including hood cam.
So are you ready to have some Gatling fun in the desert ?

- Realistic car physics
- Awesome Graphics
- 3 different control types
- AI enemy cars
- 4x4 hummer
- devastating mini gun


Update :-
We have updated the graphics of the game making it one of the most realistic desert games.

4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : 4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt

Game Title iOS : 4x4 Offroad Jeep Driving Simulator : Mountain Hill Treasure Hunt

Category     : Arcade
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : 4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt (Android)

Download Link : 4x4 Offroad Jeep Driving Simulator (iOS)

Screenshots  : 

Description : 

Do you love to drive off road 4x4 vehicle?
Then get ready to have some hill climbing fun in 4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt.
This game features hummer with realistic physics in a mountain range where you are free to drive as you like while putting your driving skills to a test and complete the tasks given withing the time.
There are 2 play able modes of this games ..
1 - Time Trial
2 - Treasure Hunt

Time Trial:
In Time Trial mode you will be given 1 minute at the beginning of the sprint and an arrow pointer will guide you towards your target. your target is to find and capture the pumpkin before the time runs out. once you capture your target you will be awarded points and additional 5 seconds will be added to your remaining time and another target will appear on the map. You have to capture as many pumpkins as you can before the time runs out.
Treasure Hunt:
In Treasure Hunt mode you will be given 1 minute at the beginning of the race and there would be multiple pumpkins scattered across the map at many difficult to reach positions. your goal is to get the maximum number of pumpkins within the given time. The pointer will guide to towards a random selected target. Remember! its not necessary that the pointer guides you towards the nearest target. So use your instincts as well.
Note : If you get stuck or flip your cars accidentally, you can press the reset button on the top left of the screen to reset your car. But it will not reset the time.
So lets get started with the pumpkin hunt. Lets see who can climb the mountains on this 4x4 vehicle. Yolo!
Update :-

Christmas is here and the whole mountain is frozen and covered with snow. Santa has dropped presents all over the mountain along with the falling snow. Collect as many presents as you can. You might also be able to find the hidden Christmas tree on your hunt.

Subway Run 3D (Android & iOS)

Game Title Android : Subway Run 3D

Game Title iOS : Subway Run 3D - Summer Dash

Category     : Arcade
Price           : Free
Platforms   :  Android and iOS
Developer : BringItOn Games (BIOG) - Android
Developer : Uzair Mehmood - iOS

Download Link : Subway Run 3D (Android)

Screenshots :

Description : 

Subway Run 3D is an addictive endless runner games.
Keep moving forward by evading the trains and other obstacles and collect coins and other goodies on your way.
Subway Run 3D presents,
- Beautiful Graphics
- Different types of obstacles
- addictive music
- Coins and other pickup boosts like double jump to make the game more fun
- smooth swipe controls
- simple and addictive game play
Do not forget to Log in to google+ to share your score with your friends and world wide.
Summers Update :
The winters and the Christmas is over, the frozen ice has melted and the summer season is upon us. Enjoy the bright days and warm environment while jumping and dashing through the busy streets filled with traffic cars. Jump over the cars and the containers and collect as many coins as you can. your target is to chase your friends high score and sprint as far as you can.
Features :
- New Music track
- Summer environment
- new and day graphics

Counter Zombie Strike Force is now live on Playstore for Android..

Title         : Counter Zombie Strike Force Category :  Action Price        : Free Publisher : BringItOnGames Download Link : Counter Zo...