Tuesday, 30 May 2017

4x4 Mountain Driving Hill Climb Adventure Live on iOS and Android

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4x4 Mountain Driving Adventure brings classic 4x4 rock climbing challenge to mobile. You are presented with a gorgeous mountain environment filled with trees and rocks where you will have to show your driving and hill climbing skills to conquer the challenges presented to you.

The game features different 4x4 trucks including silverado and ford f150. You can choose between vehicles to select and drive. In each level you have to overcome the given situation and reach the checkpoints before the timer runs out. 

Each level might require different vehicle to complete it easily. The mountain terrain will put your vehicle control to test as the checkpoints sometimes might be accessible if you climb the rocks.

The game offers beautiful graphics and realistic vehicle physics for you to enjoy. The game offers 3 different types of controls schemes to choose from so that you can enjoy it at its best. 
You can also choose the graphics quality according to your device specifications.

The game also offers a free roam mode where you can drive around freely without any timer and enjoy the complete mountain environment. 

The area of the environment is 1000m cube in real world scale. So its a lot of roam to drive around .

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