Thursday, 15 June 2017

Alien Dead Planet Invaders by BringItOnGames Live on iOS and Android

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Alien Dead Planet Invaders is an action arcade game featuring an alien invasion on distant planets buy alien insect like creatures seeking to take over the planets and leaving them lifeless.

As a part of special elite force your job is to kill as many bugs as you can and help the planet to get rid of these alien invaders.

The game features in a distant alien planet. The game offers simple graphics and simple and easy to understand gameplay mechanism. 

The controls of the game are extremely simple. you can touch and drag or the right of your screen to change the direction of your weapon and touch the left side of the screen to shoot. your character is equipped with highly lethal dual weapon made special to take care of the alien bugs.

The game offers 10 different mission in which different number of enemies will come at you in swarms and you will have to take of every single one of them before your armor runs out. 

You can see the location of the enemy creatures on the radar made of the top right of your screen to make sure you know where they are before they get to you. if they come close to you, you will lose health. destroy all the arachnid you can find and clear this planet of the aliens.

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