Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Dead Shot Zombie Hunter , Now available for iOS from App Store

Title        : Dead Shot Zombie Hunter
Category : Action & Simulation
Price       : Free
Publisher : Uzair Mehmood

Gameplay Trailer :

Screenshots : 

Description :

Zombie outbreak has begun. People who survived, they started building huge walls around their small towns making it a safe place to live. But it didn't last long.. one small mistake lead the destruction of your whole town. The zombies have found a way in and are now a huge threat to the survivors living with you in the town as the city is now filling up with the walking dead and crawlers. 
As a skilled sniper, its your job to help the survivors gather alive and evacuate the city.
Dead shot zombie hunter takes place in a small town of survivors which are now about be overrun by the zombies. Help the survivors to survive against the hordes of zombies trying to eat out their brains.

Dead shot zombie hunter puts the player in multiple situations where they have to defend from a distance or survive an attack by swarming zombies on themselves in day and night. Zombies have different characteristics, there are crawlers, walkers and runners. The crawlers are slow but persistent. The walkers are your average zombies. The runners are fast and are extremely dangerous.

Player can unlock different sniper rifles with unique properties to unleash the storm on the zombies.
Intuitive touch controls and adjustable zoom for sniper rifles.

Dead shot zombie hunter Features :

- Multiple Sniper Rifles to purchase
- Realistic sound effects
- Realistic graphics
- Multiple graphics adjustment options
- Day and Night environments
- Multiple achievements and Leaderboards to compete with your friends

Be the guardian for the survivors and bring death from above to the undead.

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