Thursday, 14 May 2015

Blow n Pop Balloons (Android)

Game Title  : Blow n Pop Balloons

Category     :  Casual
Price           :  Free
Platforms    :  Android only
Developer   : BringItOn Games (BIOG)

Download Link : Blow n Pop Balloons

Screenshots : 

Description : 

Get Ready to POP them out....!
We all try to pop out as many balloons as possible on birthday parties. But we do that with needles.. that's easy isn't it?
Lets try to Pop out balloons by blowing more air than they can handle..
lets see who can pop out more balloons in a minute..
All you have to do is blow air in your microphone to fill air in the balloons till they pop.
Enjoy the colorful graphics and intuitive game play with your friends and family.
Each time you pop a balloon, a new balloon with different color would pop up.. take it down as fast as you can.
NOTE: After playing two to three times make sure to inhale and exhale for a few seconds to catch your breath again.
Going overboard with exhaling might lead to dizzy feeling.

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